How It Works

Simple: first, you contact Improv Comedy Delivered. Tell us when your party or event is and when you'd like Improv Comedy Delivered to show up. After a preliminary phone conversation, we'll schedule your event.

On the day of your event, following a brief 10-minute overview of the guiding principles of improv, you and your guests or attendees will be up on your feet doing exercises and improv games, making each other laugh... for a unique and unforgettable experience.

what people are saying:

"Shawn Westfall brings life, energy and a wit-driven dynamic to the process of developing improv. It may seem that improv would have those qualities by definition and default; but the exceptional improv instructor is the one who nurtures each student's unique rhythms, humor and onstage personalities – all while fueling the intricate, magical dance of great group comedy. Shawn does that and a whole lot more. He makes you appreciate the difference between getting a laugh and being seriously funny." -- Donna Lewis, Washington, DC

How It Works
Improv Comedy Delivered Improv Comedy Delivered Improv Comedy Delivered