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Shawn Westfall also teaches a number of wildly popular improvisational classes at the DC Improv. Classes are 5 to 6 weeks in duration, are available throughout the year, and more fully explore the principles of improv comedy that Shawn touches upon in Improv Comedy Delivered events.

Not only is improv fun, but the principles of improv can be applied to a number of everyday business and organizational challenges, such as creativity, leadership, teamwork and respect. Improv provides solutions to these challenges by:

  • Demonstrating the power of teamwork and collaboration
  • Promoting trust among colleagues
  • Improving communication and presentation skills
  • Teaching "in-the-moment" thinking and building your creative muscles...

Working alongside representatives from BossaNova Consulting Group, Shawn has taught improv as a strategy for organizational development to various public and private organizations, including Touchstone Consulting, and Booz Allen Hamilton. For more information about bringing the benefits of improv to your organization, contact BossaNova Consulting Group.

what people are saying:

"Shawn Westfall has a terrific ability to engage a class in a fun, entertaining and highly educational way. What I found most compelling about his approach was his ability to get groups of strangers to learn to work together, cooperatively problem-solve on the fly and to communicate and support each other in a superior fashion. These are exercises I would recommend for any manager who is attempting to improve teamwork, camaraderie, efficiency, and workplace engagement. Most importantly, it was incredibly fun! " -- Todd B. Rowen, Corporate Executive Board

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