Why Improv?
Because improv is easy to learn and fun to do. And because it's something different for your party or event. Instead of someone else entertaining you and your guest, you and your guests will instead be entertaining each other.

Is this a class or an event?
After a brief "educational introduction," it's simply you and your guests having fun. The games take a matter of seconds to learn and are easy to play.

But I'm not funny.
You don't have to be. As you'll quickly understand, improv works best when no one playing the game actually tells jokes. In fact, all that's really needed is a willingness to be "in the moment." And Improv Comedy Delivered's facilitator provides games and exercises that show you how to be in the moment even as you're doing it. After that the fun and – the funny – happen naturally.

I don't like getting up in front of people.
You won't have to if you don't want to. No one will make you. Promise. But once you see how much fun it is, it will be hard to stop yourself from joining in.

What's It cost?
Improv Comedy Delivered's rates are reasonable and depend on your event, the number of people attending and the location. Contact us for more information.

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